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(hooker), Gravy Train and Le Tigre.
69 pictures of.
Manchester Academy 2, 14th March 2005

If you wish to use these photographs anywhere please save them elsewhere, and when posting them credit me. I have not manipulated any of these photographs aside from adding brightness to dull images - other than that, that's just how they came out =3
When crediting, you can link to this post or to my personal website, www.talk-about-love.net

Bear in mind that beyond the LJ-cut is not particularly dial-up safe - there are around 70 pictures.
enjoy <3


the two songs I heard sounded the same, but still pretty good.

Gravy Train
wow...just fucking wow. you gotta love the gay guy in the hot pants!! (and his friend in the half open catsuit)

Le Tigre
I thought they were good recorded, but live... they're amazing. If you weren't there, you missed out.

...you can just about see JD appearing in the background. This was the point at which they came on stage.

Possibly JD and Jo, but don't quote me...

No idea who was there before the flurry of hands, but still a pretty cool pic.

okay, that just really annoyed me... some people were READING THE WORDS TO FYR O_o if you don't know it kids, don't try and sing along

I believe this is Kathleen...Jo has blonde hair at the moment, and it's definitely not JD

also Kathleen, I think...

okay, I love this photo of Kathleen. ohyes...if she wasn't dancing, you would be able to tell she was looking right at me <3

you gotta love the random arm waving that happens in front of me...


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